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Client: Group


The client was faced with the challenge of assessing the impact of a FINMA feedback letter on a bank’s Internal Capital Adequacy Assessment Process (ICAAP). The objective was to define the ICAAP target state for the group and the main legal entities by combining the existing framework with the regulator’s feedback. In addition, the plan for implementing the ICAAP target state was to be developed in order to meet the regulatory requirements and ensure the Group’s internal capital adequacy.

Our value contribution

Our service included conducting a detailed analysis of the FINMA feedback letter and structuring all requirements and recommendations. We were responsible for the design of the ICAAP framework for the target state, including governance, policy, planning, measurement, stress testing, review and evaluation, customization and foundations. We also mobilized key stakeholders to validate dependencies and create an implementation timeline.

Our value contribution was demonstrated in the creation of a comprehensive overview of FINMA’s requirements and recommendations by clustering all feedback along relevant topics. We established a state-of-the-art ICAAP framework that complied with the regulator’s requirements and recommendations and covered both the Group and material legal entities. We also developed a validated timeline for the implementation of the ICAAP target state, which formed the basis for further detailing by the functional departments.

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Client: International investment bank


For an international investment bank, managing all regulatory banking relationships in relation to Brexit was a key challenge. The client was preparing for a potential no-deal hard Brexit, in which the client’s UK subsidiaries would lose access to EU clients and counterparties. A key objective was to enable the subsidiaries and branches in the EU, including obtaining the necessary regulatory approvals, providing suitable platforms and training employees. In addition, the transfer of the EU client business from London to continental Europe was a crucial aspect.

Our value contribution

Our service included advising the program management on the hard Brexit strategy with a focus on central program and stakeholder management, involving key bodies such as the Board of Directors and Executive Board. We advised on regulatory strategy and coordinated all regulatory interactions such as PRA, FCA, FINMA, BaFIN, ECB, ACPR and CNMV. We also led several workstreams in the areas of capital, risk models and corporate processes.

Our contribution included the implementation of a governance framework within and between the legal entities to synchronize internal and external communication in a highly complex multi-stakeholder environment. We ensured a coordinated and aligned approach across different jurisdictions and ensured the availability of S&P and Fitch ratings for two legal entities. We also supported the client on key success factors such as capital, ratings and communications to effectively manage the challenges of Brexit.

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