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Hidden Champion

Horn & Company defends “Hidden Champion” award for Consulting companies in the category banking & insurance

Horn & Company defends the title of “Hidden Champion in the consultancy market 2020/21” awarded by the German Scientific Entity for Management and Consultancy.

Awarded 397 point in the field of banking & insurance Horn & Company gains first place, ahead of McKinsey & Company, Boston Consulting Group and Bain & Company. No other Consultancy firm could claim the title of “Hidden Champion”. As a result, Horn & Company remains the only firm certified with a higher consultancy competence than larger and well-known consulting brands.

In addition, Horn & Company achieved this year also a top spot in the overall category “customer satisfaction” ranking in this overall ranking superior to all well known and internationally operating consultancy firms.

The Hidden Champions study is performed every two years, interviewing more than 700 top managers of large corporations of all industries. The goal of the study is to identify specialized, but not yet well known, top consultancy firms that get attested more efficiency and more expertise than larger firms.

Participants can not apply for the award but will be nominated by a commission, consisting of scientists and managers. A pre-requisite for the award is, that the nominated consultancy firms do the majority of their business with clients also co-operating with McKinsey, BCG or Bain & Company in order to allow comparability.

Horn & Company was already rewarded exclusively with the Hidden Champion title in 2018/19 in the category banking & insurance. This was the first award rewarded to a consultancy firm in this category after 12 years.